The festival is over, but the cherries and our reports continue! ‘Shiro-fugen’, our last major player to bloom, should be open everywhere now. These open with bronze leaves and white flowers. In two weeks, we’ll have photos of these trees with green leaves and pink flowers. These were photographed by UBCBG forums user Junglekeeper  on West 3rd Avenue near Alma.

Blossom photos that have been featured here and on the festival blog are being collected in our Blossoms Photo Gallery (you can navigate to it from the About pages). Photo names have the date, location, cultivar and photographer name. The Photo Gallery page also has albums of Favourite Streets and Parks, photos that have appeared on this Blooming Now page from this and previous years.

You can amuse yourself on our festival map checking out locations of trees we know in your neighbourhood. You can even practice trying to recognize the different cultivars just by their leaves and tree shape, then check them on the map to see what we think they are.