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Vancouver Neighborhoods: Commercial Drive

December 14, 2017

Commercial Drive Neighborhood


Also known as The Drive – is one of the best and most colorful shopping, dining and nightlife districts you will find in the city.

Located on the East side of Vancouver,  it is home to a large Italian population, in addition to  many others.

It represents more than 60 years of Italian heritage.

The benefits of properties in this area are that you are close to a vast array of restaurants and venues for live music.

Funky and unique shops, the sheer diversity of cuisine along The Drive is mesmerizing.

Commercial Drive


Day or evening, The Drive offers 22 full blocks to explore with over 300 distinct merchants.

At the south end of the neighbourhood, one can find John Hendry Park, which surrounds Trout Lake.

It includes quaint boutiques, an eclectic collection of restaurants, vibrant live music and bar scenes.

Many choices of theaters, coffee houses, specialty food stores and bakeries.

Many of the other stores are hyper-local, making it a good place to pick up clothing and art from Vancouver designers and craftspeople.

In the streets on either side of Commercial, you’ll find lovely old houses.

Many of these homes were built in the turn-of-the-century “Queen Anne” style.

Like Kitsilano, there are still many heritage homes near Commercial Drive.