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Victoria, BC

January 10, 2018

Victoria, BC

Victoria is a thriving city of heritage with the ocean at its doorstep and wilderness in its backyard.

The quality of life offered to residents of this beautiful city is hard to match. It also a perfect city for outdoor enthusiasts.

You can find everything from a world-class science and natural history museum to a blooming public park where peacocks roam freely.

There is a large of unique shops, cafes and restaurants and more cycling routes than any other Canadian city.

There are many reasons why people might be moving to Victoria. One the most important ones is the Climate.

The Greater Victoria area possesses, arguably, the best climate in Canada.

Victoria has also a stable economy , which leads many people to moving to the city for work.

There are jobs related to tourism, government and related support jobs because Victoria is the capital of BC, and a booming tech sector.

The opportunities to access education in Victoria are diverse, with a progressive public school system, several top-notch private schools, and a plethora of post-secondary choices,

Consequently, this may result in people moving to Victoria for education, either for their children or themselves.


Victoria, BC, furnished apartment rental


Victoria’s gardens, public and private, are also a delight.


Victoria BC, furnished apartment rental


The most well-known, Butchart Gardens, draw visitors from around the world.