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Are you a Property Owner considering listing a property?

We assist property owners with furnished and unfurnished accommodations find tenants, and we help tenants, business clientele, and travellers from around the world find premiere accommodation in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. If you are the owner of a home, apartment, condo or suite in Vancouver or Victoria, and are considering renting it and need assistance finding great tenants; send us an email for listing information. We’d like to hear from you! We’re growing and are looking for additional furnished and unfurnished rental properties in the area.

Currently, we have high demand for:
  • - Suites, condos and apartments
  • - Houses, laneway homes and coach houses
  • - 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes
  • -Vancouver area
  • -North Vancouver
  • -West Vancouver
  • -Burnaby
  • -Richmond
  • -Delta
  • -Surrey
  • -Coquitlam
  • -Victoria area
How does it work? 

We are distinct in that someone from Make Yourself at Home has visited every property on our website, taken the photos, and written an unbiased description. During our visit we also discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have. After the visit, we will add your property to our website and will begin marketing the property, both on the website and through other resources.

We save you a lot of time by fielding inquiries from potential tenants. When we have an inquiry that matches your availability and preferences, we present it to you for your consideration. We also facilitate viewings, do employment verifications for all stays over two month, and then book your suite. We then connect you with the tenant so you can complete the tenancy contract and receive payment of the security deposit.

A listing visit by one of our experienced staff includes photography, consultation, and listing online. We also discuss the rates you wish to charge and can guide you based on our long-time experience. Please contact us for specific rates.

Please contact us at . We look forward to hearing more about your property and seeing if it’s a good fit!

This is what some of our property owners say about us:

I have very much enjoyed working with all members of the MYAH Team and the opportunity to rent our place part-time. It helped us a great deal budget wise through the transition period of our initial retirement years.

- Pamela S - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - September 2018

I have used MYAH services for many years to assist me with my suite rental. I am confident in accepting tenants they refer to me. Staff members are responsive to questions about the process and specific issues that arise. I would recommend MYAH to others who have a suite to rent.

- Ruth C - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - September 2017

We listed our first furnished condo with MYAH more than 10 years ago. We have since added more condos to our portfolio and MYAH continues to be our preferred site to list our condos. Cecilia and her team work tirelessly to screen tenants and do due diligence to make sure that we only get the tenants that are a good fit for us and our condos. They are quick to respond to our questions and concerns, and they always give sound advice. We enjoy working with Cecilia, Heather, and Dawn, and can highly recommend MYAH. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to your clients.

- Anton - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - August 2017

We have been renting our suite through Make Yourself At Home since 2011. Their services have always been very professional from initial promotion of our property to finding excellent tenants . We have been able to consistently rent our property through MYAH's excellent service. They have always advised us when issues arise and are very supportive in maintaining high quality accommodation. Thanks to Cecilia, Heather and Dawn for their hard work and dedication.

- Cathey - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - August 2017

Every tenant sent my way has been terrific. MYAH takes great care to process good people and to make sure all is in order so that the rental experience goes really well for both the landlord and tenant. They are always available to assist in any way ... all concerns are treated with respect and care. This company is always there and provides great a great stress free service. Thank you MYAH!

- Jayne - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - July 2017

As a home owner, I have been dealing with Make Yourself at Home for over six years. The services that they have provided over that time have been absolutely fantastic. Put simply, were it not for MYAH, I would have long given up renting out my suite a long time ago. I do acknowledge that there are many avenues for home owners to rent out their suites. In addition to AirBNB, there are also vacation rental sites and of course there is also Craigslist. The one difference between MYAH and these other sites is the personal care they take to ensure a perfect fit between the guest and the rental property. As a careful background check is done for each rental, I have the comfort of knowing that each tenant will leave my suite in good condition. I would far rather pay the fees for such a service than having the uncertainty of not knowing who I am dealing with through a Craigslist inquiry.

- Colin - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - March 2017

Thank you for your assistance in renting out our apartment. Over the past 7 years, we have relied on your company to find tenants for us. We have received excellent customer service from you and the apartment was tenanted without a break, during these 7 years.

- Oliver - MYAH Owner , Vancouver - March 2016

Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided in the past. We have been very happy with MYAH. We are impressed with the timely follow up and communication by MYAH - it gives a sense they are on top of all accommodation requests. We have used MYAH for nearly 10 years and they have always placed good tenants in our condo and must have a good screening process. They have also been helpful with additional advice and information for owners.

- Isabelle - MYAH Owner, Vancouver - March 2016